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"A wonderful time to    share with friend"

"Tree house and large studio Wooden house like a hideout dreamed of as a childhood. And Spacious luxurious room with canopy.

We prepared two nice room.

It is a place full playful spirit.

 Let`s have barbecues and parties with open-air space in the garden.

Please spend a time full of smiles.

It is also recommended for big family and groups


/ ベストバケーションドットコム

"A dreamlike space away 
           from everyday"

"Traditional mobile home. Joglo

And The heritage of Java. Graduck.

Based on those mobile home we offer a unique

style of space.

Outdoor bath time to enjoy with candle light.

A nap under a thatched roof.

Let`s feel the scent of Bali back to the era"


/ ホテルマガジン

 ~Silence of  Seminyak~

Artemis is named after the mythological Greek moon goddess. Artemis elegantly releases the arrows of light made from the eternally mysterious Balinese moon. In Bali – the Island of the Gods – people find the beauty and miracle of life.

At Artemis glamping villa.

Joglo & Guraduck, which passed over 100years ago, are mobile home in Indonesia.

Please spend luxurious camping in Balinese style in a relaxing environment.

Our friendly team will be happy to assist you in making your every come true, with the honest and unconditional smiles that make Bali so special. 



Glamourous Camping


Bali style

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