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“Highest time and hospitality"
Artemis glamping villa is a
group of Artemis Villa & Hotel



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In Bali – the Island of the Gods –

people find the beauty and miracle of life.

At Artemis Glamping Villa ,

our guests find a home to relax in and reconnect with themselves.

Special camping surrounded by spacious garden.

Bali`s trend district

Serenity place in the city of Seminyak.

A walk in the early morning to the beach by walking the flower-breezy path. 

Reading on thatched roof terrace

A nap while being shaken by a hammock.

Shopping when getting tired of leisurely

BBQ starting from the sunset time

Time of the bath under the moon light

Please spend everyday with your  favorite  ​time


Our friendly team will be happy to assist you in making your every wish come true, with the honest and unconditional smiles that make Bali so special.


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